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Welcome to Rose Cottage Studio
where we offer you a superb collection of
the Jewelry Designs of Peggy Rose Soren:

Jewelry Designed by Peggy Rose Soren

There are a great number of companies that offer the same necklaces at the same prices, but this makes it difficult to figure out what kind of value they are really selling. Necklaces with a silver heart tend to be a dime a dozen in today's market, and the quality suffers for the quantity. However, that isn't the case in all situations.

The key to getting the most out of a jewellery purchase is to know what to look for and where to find the best quality at the best price. While there are a number of jewelers who offer a great quantity at a good price, it becomes more difficult to offer great quality at a similar price. This is especially true when the piece being purchased is a one-of-a-kind design. This is the quality and value that can be expected when purchasing a Smythe silver heart necklace.

They offer specialty designs as well as excellent quality, and they do it all for a price tag that wont break the bank. While many other companies dilute the silver more than what is necessary to make it wearable as jewellery, Smythe makes sure that they keep the silver as pure as they can, all while achieving the same function out of their products. However, this doesn't mean that they sacrifice form in the process. Actually, they have custom designs for their products, and are still able to offer them at similar prices to the run-of-the-mill products that are just duplicates of a duplicate.

For those who are wondering how the company can get custom designs, purer silver in their products, and still offer competitive pricing, it all comes down to purchasing the silver. Most companies purchase silver at the lowest price possible, and then turn around and sell the pieces at a price reflecting current market value rather than the price they originally paid for it. Smythe doesn't operate their business this way. They purchase their silver at the lowest price just like any other company, but when the sales are made, they sell at prices that reflect the price they paid when they made the purchase rather than the price that reflects current market value. This is just one of the many characteristics that sets Smythe apart from the rest.

her Oil and Watercolor Paintings:

"Waiting" "Magnolia" "Hibiscus" "Token of Summer"

and her unique rock paintings:

Rock painting by Peggy Rose Soren
Rock paintings are available
by custom order only.

Please email for details and price.

(click on picture for larger view)


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